雨の日は自宅で出来ることを。TOMI, paul, SHINTAに協力してもらい、棒と刀を用いて形について色々試してみました。


At 8:10am, I saw my son and daughter off to school and started my research.
Rain was forecast for this morning, so I tried out various things about KATA using the training equipment, Bo, and Japanese sword I have at home.
I was so focused that I forgot about breakfast and lunch, and before I knew it, it was past 1:00pm.
I have two classes this evening, so I would like to review what I learned yesterday and introduce to the students the results of this morning’s training.

古から学び、現代で役立て、未来をより良く Learn from ancient times, apply it to modern times, and make the future better


When translated into English, the Japanese word KEIKO 稽古'' is expressed as practice,” but KEIKO 稽古'' means thinking about ancient times.”
I like that KEIKO 稽古 because thinking about ancient times allows me to face myself deeply.
Learn from ancient times, apply it to modern times, and make the future better.

TOMI “Tomodachi Of My Imagination”


I also like to imagine and create.
When I go to sleep I imagine forms, and in my dreams I am able to meet and learn from warriors and masters whom I would never meet in the real world, and then when I wake up I spend my days putting them into practice.
When I want to actually join hands and conduct research or experiments, I get the help of a training partner at home.
I made this using the wooden man Tsubaki, a training tool used in the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun, as a reference. I first made the first one in 2000, and improved it so that the arms and legs could move. The one I have at home now is the third generation, and has been improved upon many times.
He is a reliable partner who helps me turn my imagination into reality.

’’『形』は『姿』「あらわす』の意。鏡に映る姿と同様に、相手に応じて変わる。相手が僅かでも変われば、鏡面の姿もそれに応じて変わる。これが武技の形である。’’ (和道流流祖・大塚博紀 初代宗家語録)


A famous karateka was asked by an interviewer. ” What is KATA?” The karateka answered. ” KATA is a blueprint.”
What is KATA to me? I pondered. The answer I had in my heart was this. ” KATA is telepathic.”
I expand my imagination about KATA every night at bedtime. I will practice what I imagined when I wake up and practice KATA. Then, at a certain time, words arrive in my head and flash.
A few years ago, I met the founder of Wado-ryu in my dream, and I was able to receive his guidance. It’s in a dream, but I heard his voice and he touch me.
By practicing KATA, we can touch the spirit, wishes and prayers of our Grandmasters, and their kindness.



I practice in 3 classes every Tuesday from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. There are a lot of beginners today, so I thought about how to tell them about Ping An 3 Dan at home until departure. It was the same yesterday, but it’s still important to go back to the basics. I realize that I’m the one who makes simple things difficult. Like making soft and stretchy things hard.


昨日は、来月開催される創流90周年記念・第9回和道流空手道連盟国際大会・第60回和道流空手道連盟全国大会に向け、第42回全国指導者技術研修会・講習会 兼 第12回審判講習会が開催されました。充実した時間を過ごし意義のある経験を積むことが出来ました。

I also had a good sweat this morning. Or rather, I sweated a lot. Tokyo was also hot from the morning, but I was able to do a good exercise. I decided to abandon my daily routines and habits at the end of May. By changing my consciousness and way of exercising, I started to lose unnecessary power from my body.

真剣に問う 応用出来るまで練る 武道精神を宿す心拳を目指す

私が生徒に ”違いについて’’ を語るより、刀に触れることで刀が生徒に語ることを期待してみました。

I received a question from a student who studied Kendo during his school days. “What is the difference between Kendo and Kenjutsu?”
Rather than me telling the students “about the differences,” I hoped that the students themselves would be able to touch the sword and have the sword speak to them.
I have considered that Sword Defense No. 2, Knife Defense No. 1, and Basic Kumite No. 3 have techniques that can be applied to each other. and used them in free kumite.




’’武の道は ただ荒事とな思ひそ 和の道究め 和を求む道’’

和道流流祖 大塚博紀 初代宗家の道歌を、明日生徒たちと一緒に声にするのが楽しみです。



・6月30日(日) 第2回4団体交流競技会
・6月30日(日) 第2回4団体交流競技会