I feel happy to have enough time to share the charms of Karate-do, and Wado-ryu with my students.

My students who started practicing at the age of 6 turned 20 years old, and now they are my partners at Dojo.
If I keep doing one thing for a long time, my fun and joy will grow. Now, I feel happy to have enough time to share the charms of Budo, Karate-do, and Wado-ryu with my students.

The November issue of JKFan, a karate magazine, was released today. An article about the 59th Wado-ryu Karate-do Federation National Championships held last month is posted. There are also photos of me and my students and my interview articles.
I’m very proud of the day I was honored with my son.



White Belt Kids working hard for the 1st promotion test !  初めての昇級審査に向けて頑張る白帯キッズ♪

Next week, a 4-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy will challenge the promotion test for the first time, so we made the last confirmation before the examination.
Before practice, the 4-year-old girl said, “I still don’t understand everything Sensei is saying. That’s why my mom remembered Kata first, and my mom taught me Kata ♪ I practiced with my mom and learned it ♪”
A mother who supports and cooperates with her daughter’s challenge. From now on, the bond between the two will be even stronger.
4歳女児は稽古前に「私まだ先生の言ってること全部は分かんないんだぁ。だから、ママが先に形を覚えてくれて、それをママが私に教えてくれたの♪ ママと一緒に稽古して覚えたんだよ♪」と話していたそうです。


September 20th, today is also a hot day of over 30 degrees. It was also hot today in 2012, but I was having a cool new season around this time in 2013-2022.
This heat seems to be coming to an end this Friday, so I want to be patient for a few more days and enjoy the arrival of autumn ♪

What is Seiza 正座って

In my house when I was young, the whole family was eating at the Chabudai (low dining table).
My posture got better because I sat in seiza.
If I sit seiza for a long time, my legs will be numb, so I started to eat silently and finish eating quickly.
When I ate in a hurry, sometimes I behaved badly, and my father slapped me.
My father’s slap hurts, so I started to think in advance how to move quickly to dodge the slap.
The first thing I learned when I started practicing karate was seiza. I was praised by my teacher for my good posture and movement. It’s thanks to the meal at the chabudai and my strict father.

I want to continue my meaningful practice 意義有る稽古を継続

It’s a three-day weekend in Japan, so my family is going home to my wife’s hometown.
There are the autumn festival is held in Kuji, Iwate for 3 days.
I want my son and daughter to enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery and delicious food in Japan.
Wado-ryu karate-do Federation the 60th National & the 9th International Championships have been decided to be held in Tokyo Budokan on August 24 and 25, 2024, so I want to continue my meaningful practice.

Feel the breadth of basic possibilities 基本がもたらす可能性の広さ

I am pleased with the growth of my students who have been able to share not only the value and charm of Budo, but also the importance of the basics.
There is a weight difference of more than 50 kg between me and them, but when they experience dodging my punch and kick with a loop of force instead of arm strength, I and they both feel the breadth of basic possibilities.

10th anniversary! 2023 Komae Festival 10周年!2023 狛江フェスティバル

10th anniversary! 2023 Komae Festival

I performed a demonstration with my son & student at the festival held in our hometown, Tokyo Komae, and it was a great success!

My son & student were impressed that not only their families and friends, but also many viewers just 2 meters away were able to see happy faces.

My son & student went to enjoy the festival surrounded by family and friends after the demonstration ♪

10周年!2023 狛江フェスティバル