What is Seiza 正座って

In my house when I was young, the whole family was eating at the Chabudai (low dining table).
My posture got better because I sat in seiza.
If I sit seiza for a long time, my legs will be numb, so I started to eat silently and finish eating quickly.
When I ate in a hurry, sometimes I behaved badly, and my father slapped me.
My father’s slap hurts, so I started to think in advance how to move quickly to dodge the slap.
The first thing I learned when I started practicing karate was seiza. I was praised by my teacher for my good posture and movement. It’s thanks to the meal at the chabudai and my strict father.

10th anniversary! 2023 Komae Festival 10周年!2023 狛江フェスティバル

10th anniversary! 2023 Komae Festival

I performed a demonstration with my son & student at the festival held in our hometown, Tokyo Komae, and it was a great success!

My son & student were impressed that not only their families and friends, but also many viewers just 2 meters away were able to see happy faces.

My son & student went to enjoy the festival surrounded by family and friends after the demonstration ♪

10周年!2023 狛江フェスティバル




奉納演武 I did a dedication demonstration to Tama River and God




I did a dedication demonstration to Tama River and God who watches over me in every morning’s practice.

This year, I suffered a lot of injuries, but I was able to continue practicing every day because the sun, the sky, the river, the grass, the trees and the air healed me.

And thank you very much to everyone who always looks at my posts. Your message of support and joy gives me strength.

Arigatou Gozaimas !


What has had a big impact on own life?

For me, it’s an encounter with a Kakkoii Otoko !

The person I admired poured his passion into karate-Do. And he poured that passion into me as well.

I will become such a Kakkoii Otoko !

When Setamatsu Sensei, who was 92 years old, was summoned to heaven six years ago, I almost lost my way, but I didn’t lose my mind. Because Setamatsu Sensei gave me a new encounter. That Senseis is giving me more passion !

There’s no reason why I don’t burn my mind !

This video is a today’s morning class.
After this, I participated in the monthly practice at the General Headquarters Dojo. I’m still excited. Because the practice here was special.

The most memorable thing for me about the summer training camp 2023

The most memorable thing for me about the summer training camp I went to at Saitama Seibu Chichibu is the reaction when the children learned the kumite of Wado-ryu, not the competition Kumite.
The figure that they worked on while being surprised and enjoying it remains vivid in my heart.
I believe that the desire to share what I cherish with important people can be conveyed to the other person depending on my own efforts.