White Belt Kids working hard for the 1st promotion test !  初めての昇級審査に向けて頑張る白帯キッズ♪

Next week, a 4-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy will challenge the promotion test for the first time, so we made the last confirmation before the examination.
Before practice, the 4-year-old girl said, “I still don’t understand everything Sensei is saying. That’s why my mom remembered Kata first, and my mom taught me Kata ♪ I practiced with my mom and learned it ♪”
A mother who supports and cooperates with her daughter’s challenge. From now on, the bond between the two will be even stronger.
4歳女児は稽古前に「私まだ先生の言ってること全部は分かんないんだぁ。だから、ママが先に形を覚えてくれて、それをママが私に教えてくれたの♪ ママと一緒に稽古して覚えたんだよ♪」と話していたそうです。

Feel the breadth of basic possibilities 基本がもたらす可能性の広さ

I am pleased with the growth of my students who have been able to share not only the value and charm of Budo, but also the importance of the basics.
There is a weight difference of more than 50 kg between me and them, but when they experience dodging my punch and kick with a loop of force instead of arm strength, I and they both feel the breadth of basic possibilities.

I feel that the four seasons in Japan are special, expressing human feelings.

I feel that the four seasons in Japan are special and true, expressing human feelings. Summer is over and autumn is coming, there is a parting and new encounters, it makes me feel sad and expected.

A typhoon is approaching, and the hot summer has passed due to rain and wind, and I feel the arrival of cool autumn.

The dojo remains the same, and after finishing classes and club activities, junior high school students came to practice last night.




Budo that both children and women can do without difficulty 子供も女性も出来る武道


All nations sing Let’s harmonize all around the world